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Dr. George Kirsh

Kirsh, G; Learmonth, DGA; Martindale, JP
The Nottingham, Leicester, Derby Aircraft Accident Study
A preliminary report – Three Weeks After The Accident
British Medical Journal No 6672, Vol 298, 25 February 1989

Kirsh, G and Rowles, JM
The Management of Major Disaster
A Chapter in Recent Advances in Orthopaedics No 6, edited by A Catterall

Learmonth, DJA; Martindale, JP; Kirsh, G; Rowles, JM
Initial Management of Open Fractures Sustained in the M1 Aircraft Disaster
Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Belfast (NLDB) Study Group
Injury: 1991 May, 22(3): 207-11

Tait, GR; Rowles, JM; Kirsh, G; Murphy, JSG
Delayed Diagnosis of Injuries from the M1 Aircraft Accident
Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and Belfast Study Group
Injury: 1991 November, 33 (6): 475-8

Kirsh, G; Rowles, JM; Macey, AC
The Use of Injury Scoring in the Evaluation of the Kegworth M1 Aircrash
Journal of Trauma-Injury, Infection & Critical Care 1992, April 32 (4): 441-7

Reiss-Levy, EA; Kirsh, G; Tapsall, JW; Hillery, SJ
Gonoccal Arthritis – A Bangkok Connection
The Medical Journal of Australia Vol 157, 3 August 1992 : 214-5

Liaw, Y; Kalnins, G; Kirsh, G; Meakin, I
Combined Fourth and Fifth Metacarpal Fracture and Fifth Carpo-Metacarpal Joint Dislocation
Journal of Hand Surgery (British & European Vol, 1995) 20:2: 249-252

Mansberg, R; Lewis, G; Kirsh, G
Avascular Necrosis and Fracture of the Capitate Bone: Unusual Scintigraphic Features
Clinical Nuclear MedicineMay 2000 25 (5): 372-3

Hearld, J; Macdessi, S; Kirsh, G
An Unusual Case of Groin Pain following Hip Replacement. A Case Report
Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery September 2001 Vol 83A: Number 9: 1392-3

Vasili, C; Kligman, M; Kirsh, G
Incidental Finding of Chondroid Lipoma at Total Hip Arthroplasty
Journal of the Southern Orthopaedic Association 
Fall 2000, Vol 9: No 3: 219-221

Kirsh, G; Kligman, M; Roffman M
Hydroxyapatite coated Total Hip Replacement in Paget’s Disease
20 patients followed for 4-8 years
Acta Orthopaedic Scandinavica  Vol 72: 2: 127-132

Kirsh, G; Roffman, M; Kligman, M
Hydroxyapatie-Coated Total Hip Replacements in Patients over 65 Years
Bulletin of the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases Vol 60(1)

I have also set up a prospective trial at University Hospital, Nottingham, to study pin-site infections and the use of different solutions to pin-site hygiene.

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