Ortho Research

Prof. Ronald Sekel

1977 Microscopic flexor tendon sheath transfer in clean-cut flexor tendons in monkeys, in conjunction with Dr Earl Owen, Prince of Wales Hospital and University of New South Wales

1978 - 1987 Kangaroo tail tendon as replacement for the anterior cruciate ligament using 40 sheep in conjunction with Dr Klaus Schindhelm, University of New South Wales, Biomedical Engineering Department

1988 - 1992 The abrasion testing, construction, preclinical testing in animal models of ion-implanted carbon composite cup, ball and stem prosthetic devices with initial emphasis on hip joints for subsequent human implant and evaluation in conjunction with the CSIRO (Division of Applied Physics), University of New South Wales (Centre for Biomedical Engineering) and The St George Hospital Industry Research and Development Board - New Technologies Grant 15028 ($454,700)

1991 - 1992 Development of a new hip replacement - new design femoral and neck component Industry Research and Development Board Grant 5424 ($250,00 10 July 1992 over three years) Research workers: Ronald Sekel, Michael Solomon, S P Tan and Richard Frost (University of New South Wales, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering)

First Margron Total Hip Replacement Inserted - 24 April 1997

1992 Development of Hydroxyapatite Plasma Spray Process in conjunction with CSIRO, Division of Applied Physics - Tony Farmer

1994 The manufacture of a Testing Chamber for the assessment of the endurance properties for hip prostheses with an Instrom Machine
Australian Orthopaedic Research Grant ($1,500)

1996 Trial Splitting Autologous Blood into RBC and Plasma with Dr Peter Kyle, The St George Hospital

1996 Donated three-axis MTS cyclic loading machine (by Howmedica)
($300,000 value)

2000 A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Stress Distribution and Remodelling of Femora Implanted with a Margron Hip Prosthesis
University of New South Wales, University of Technology,
Portland Orthopaedics Pty Ltd (three years, total 2000 $31,680)

2003 Biotechnology Innovation Fund (BIF) grant of $250,000 from
AustIndustry and $100,000 from the NSW Department of
State & Regional Development for the continued development of the Equator Plus Acetabular Cup
Portland Orthopaedics

2003 Start Grant of $2.6million to develop modular knee replacement system Portland Orthopaedics

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